Sunday, December 2, 2012

Adams Family Gift

I've decided on what I think we are going to be giving the family members this Christmas (aunts, uncles, brother, sisters, moms and dads).
Now, I know what you are probably thinking... Lame, a gift basket? really? Like we didn't already thing of that.  All of the items (I should say most of the items) will be handmade by me and my little 13 month old helper.  So here is a list of items that are going to be in the baskets, and I'm figureing that we will have to make and ship approximatly six of them, plus a few for the troop boxes (theirs will have some extra goodies in them.)

  1. Home made lip balm (aloe free)
    • This is the lip balm recipe we are going to attempt and also add a little honey to it for anti-septic properties
  2. REAL hot cocoa mix (not Swiss Miss)
    • I will post the recipe for this a little later as it's a family recipe :-)
  3. Home made marshmallows (indiviually wrapped to avoid the sticky mess?)
    • This is the recipe we are going to try
  4. Peppermint Schannps (only over 21's)
  5. Home made sugar cookies (in a cello bag)
    • This is the sugar cookie recipe we are going to use
    • And this is the blog that is helping with the inspiration for decorating the cookies

And, as corny as it sounds, a picture of our little family... I would normally like to add mugs into the mix but I (personally) have enough mugs in my cupboard that we could open a restaurant, so I can only imagine what the thought would be.  "Oh, great, ANOTHER mug", now if it's a special mug, I'm good with that but no sense in wasting money on mugs that are going to be tossed to the thrift shop.

Speaking of thrift shops, since the little one is still small I have been shopping at the local thrift shop to save some money on Christmas.  I have found some great stuff! Toys (cleaning is neccasary but they are like new!), blankets (that are going to become a quilt), and some really adorable outfits. 

My husband probably thinks I'm nuts, but oh well - She will have some new things open under the tree as well but no sense in spending $1,000 on gifts that she will forget about in 10 minutes.  Besides that, she REALLY likes the boxes. :-)

Check back again for the recipes and photos on how our projects turned out.  I just ordered all of the stuff for the lip balm, excited to try something new.

Make it a great day!

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